Packaging becomes child’s play with Ready-to-Use!

With Ready-to-Use, manufacturing and service company CAPPI ensures that you receive your insulated packaging already conditioned and at the desired temperature. This reduces your storage and order-picking costs and saves time. 

Save time with our ready-to-use packaging

A response to market expectations

In a rapidly evolving sector, oriented towards biomedicines, the pharmaceutical industries are adopting a strategy of focusing on their core activity, which is manufacturing. Logistics outsourcing to specialised partners is increasingly widespread. As such, it is vital that pharmaceutical laboratories and logistics providers have access to ready-to-use solutions. 


Ready-assembled insulated solutions

Ready-to-Use is a premium service that CAPPI offers to pharmaceutical laboratories or their logistics partners so that they can receive pre-conditioned insulated packaging at the desired temperature. Thanks to our network of certified partners, we are able to store and freeze cold elements, fully assemble insulated packaging and deliver it to the pharmaceutical product shipping site. 


Savings at every level

By opting for Ready-to-Use and Just-in-Time packaging, laboratories reduce their storage costs, minimise the time spent preparing shipments, and can benefit from a larger stock of packaging close to their warehouses. The insulated packaging is assembled by trained and accredited operators, so that you can rest assured that you will receive a product prepared in accordance with the required procedures.

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