Pharmaceutical & logistics industry

CAPPI offers innovative products and services to pharmaceutical and biotech laboratories and their logistics partners, including high performance insulated solutions.

The need

Guaranteeing the integrity of pharmaceutical products

The biomedicine sector is experiencing strong growth. These therapies are synonymous with new hope for the treatment of cancers, serious diseases, chronic illnesses and viruses. New vaccines will also be released on the market. All these biotechnology products are sensitive, often very costly, and require the strict maintaining of temperature conditions. Their integrity must be completely guaranteed, from the production site to the patient. It is vital that companies are able to rely on packaging that can protect products from temperature deviations outside the regulatory ranges.


Recognised premium solutions

CAPPI offers insulated packaging solutions for the transporting of frozen or refrigerated pharmaceutical products over short distances or abroad. All its single-use or reusable solutions are designed in accordance with Good Distribution Practices and tested at our Testing and Innovation Centre. Some prestigious pharmaceutical laboratories have chosen to work with CAPPI. Our company’s added value lies in the combining of the different areas of expertise (technologies and/or materials) within its network of partner manufacturers to create a product that meets the strictest requirements. This has been our greatest strength since 1996, the year our company was created.


Facilitating order picking

CAPPI’s products and services go beyond the supplying of insulated packaging. CAPPI offers global solutions, combining high performance products with related services, and extending from the design phase, to temperature testing, to commissioning. The packaging is produced in keeping with the specific requirements and constraints of pharmaceutical logistics and the possible need to facilitate return logistics. It is designed to simplify order picking, taking user-friendliness into account. During the packaging testing phase, and even afterwards, customers may receive technical support from the CAPPI team, including bespoke temperature tests. 


Eco-designed solutions

Offering recyclable or low environmental impact solutions is CAPPI’s response to sustainable development demands. All our packaging is eco-designed and produced in France. CAPPI is a company that is committed to the green transition on behalf of its customers.