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CAPPI-box Xtreme

CAPPI-box Xtreme is a premium-quality, innovative solution for temperature conditions that impact both the planet and the transport of heat-sensitive products. Thanks to powerful insulation made possible by its Vacuum-Insulated Panels (VIP), this box offers thermal performances that are among the best on the market. It is particularly suitable for hot regions and heat waves. A robust and reliable solution, it guarantees several years of use with no change in its thermal performance. 


Against extreme temperatures

Thermal performance
Up to 24 hours

The benefits of CAPPI-box Performance

Optimises order preparation by reducing eutectic plates
Guaranteed return on investment (ROI)
Equipped with an RFID chip and/or bar code, for optimum tracing
Highly durable: usable for seven years
Product adaptable to your existing plastic tote
Eutectic plates

An efficient and sustainable energy source

A reusable and recyclable product
Eutectic liquid formulation according to need
Patented condensation-absorbing casing
A large range of plates available
Cappi's commitment

CAPPI-box Xtreme is sustainable packaging

Extended product life
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