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CAPPI-box Eco

When properly integrated with your plastic tote, the CAPPI-box Eco, made from expanded, graphitised polystyrene, guarantees a good thermal performance while making order-picking easier. Many wholesalers/distributors in France, and in other European countries, have put their trust in CAPPI, and use this product for daily pharmacy deliveries. 


A qualified solution for last mile distribution

Thermal performance
Up to 16 hours

The benefits of this polystyrene insulated box

A fast and effective solution for order picking
Good value for money in terms of quality and performance
No contact between medicines and the eutectic plates
Equipped with a separator, for +15°C/+25°C products
Product adaptable to your existing plastic tote
Eutectic plates

An efficient and sustainable energy source

A reusable and recyclable product
Eutectic liquid formulation according to need
Patented condensation-absorbing casing
A large range of plates available
Cappi's commitment

The standard insulated box is sustainable packaging

Fully recyclable
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