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Pallet shippers are the ultimate solution for transporting large volumes of heat-sensitive products (such as vaccines and medicines). They guarantee that the temperature is maintained at every step in the supply chain, even in extreme weather conditions. The pallet shippers are made from high density insulating materials, have a patented nesting system and are recommended for air freight transport. CAPPI has also designed a sustainable solution aimed at reducing the environmental impact of shipments. The pallet shippers are made in France and are fully recyclable.


Your premium solution for air freight transport

Thermal performance
> 120 hours

The benefits of the pallet shipper

Available ready-to-use or flat-packed
Quick and easy assembly
Pre-tested solution
High performance in extreme temperatures
Eutectic plates

An efficient and sustainable energy source

A reusable and recyclable product
Eutectic liquid formulation according to need
Patented condensation-absorbing casing
A large range of plates available
Cappi's commitment

Pallet shippers are sustainable packaging

Fully recyclable
Return logistics

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Pallet shipper dans un entrepôt
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Pallet shipper ouvert
Pallet shipper remplissage
Pallet shipper dans un entrepôt
Zoom sur les performances du pallet shipper
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