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CAPPI-box Performance

CAPPI-box Performance, offering a premium level of quality, has helped to make CAPPI’s reputation in the pharmaceutical distribution sector in Europe. Thanks to the insulating addition of polyurethane, this box offers thermal performances that are among the best on the market. This robust and reliable solution guarantees several years of use with no change in its thermal performance.


Robustness and temperature control

Thermal performance
Up to 24 hours

The benefits of CAPPI-box Performance

No contact between medicines and the eutectic plates
Guaranteed return on investment (ROI)
Equipped with an RFID chip and/or bar code, for optimum tracing
Highly durable: usable for seven years
Product adaptable to your existing plastic tote
Eutectic plates

An efficient and sustainable energy source

A reusable and recyclable product
Eutectic liquid formulation according to need
Patented condensation-absorbing casing
A large range of plates available
Cappi's commitment

CAPPI-box Performance is sustainable packaging

Extended product life
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