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Our Pal-in-box system for air freight is designed to directly accommodate your palletised loads of heat-sensitive products (vaccines, medications, etc.). Our solution allows you to avoid temperature variations at a lower cost, even in extreme weather conditions. It also enables you to save packaging time and its dimensions are optimised for air freight transport. CAPPI has also designed a sustainable solution aimed at reducing the environmental impact of shipments. Our Pal-in-box systems are made in France and are fully recyclable.


Premium solution for palletised loads

Thermal performance
>120 hours

The advantages of Pal-in-box

Suitable for the transport of full pallets
Easy and fast loading
Pre-qualified solution
Patented modular system
Eutectic plates

An efficient and sustainable energy source

A reusable and recyclable product
Eutectic liquid formulation according to need
Patented condensation-absorbing casing
A large range of plates available
Cappi's commitment

Pal-in-box: sustainable packaging

100% recyclable
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