Have packaging quickly to hand with Just-in-Time!

With Just-in-Time, manufacturing and service company CAPPI can deliver your packaging and components in just a few hours. This saves you time and gives you peace of mind in dealing with your logistics constraints. 

Your insulated packaging delivered as quickly as possible

The benefits of express delivery

Medicines must be shipped as soon as possible after the conditioning and inspection phases, and without breaking the cold chain, which is a vital condition for preserving their integrity. Healthcare companies prefer setups based on central stocks with Just-In-Time logistics that mean that their customers’ supply needs can be met and that surplus stock or stock shortages can be avoided. 


Insulated packaging even closer to hand

Just-in-Time is a premium service that CAPPI offers to the pharmaceutical industries and their logistics partners so that they can have insulated packaging when they need it. Our insulated packaging storage and preparation sites, which are close to shipping platforms, allow the delivery of packaging and components within a few hours, as a complement to the Ready-to-Use service. 


Complete stock management

With Just-in-Time, we manage the main and safety packaging stock for you upstream, and all the refrigerated and frozen components. Thanks to our network of certified partners, we are able to manage the assembly of the packaging and to deliver it directly on site in a few hours. This will reduce your storage and transport costs, save you time and reduce your carbon footprint.

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