We are fully committed to supporting our customers, who work to protect and improve consumers’ health.

Our mission

Create and coordinate a network of industrial partners

To offer cutting-edge packaging solutions that guarantee product integrity.

Our goals

We aim for recognition from the entire pharmaceutical industry, both in France and around the world

For our values and the quality of our solutions. With a view to maintaining steady growth, we continually adapt our approach to changing market needs. We commit to being a sustainable and trustworthy partner for our clients.

Grand Place, Brussels
Grand Place, Brussels
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Piazza del Popolo, Rome
Piazza del Popolo, Rome
Pont des Arts, Paris
Pont des Arts, Paris
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Our team
De Bie
Managing Director

Our business model, built on a unique organisation, is our strength

De Michieli-De Bie
Managing Director

CAPPI cultivates a historic ability to do things differently

Packaging engineer

Innovation means always doing things better

Sales Manager - France, Belgium & Switzerland
Technical consultant

Our manufacturers share the CAPPI spirit

Quality coordinator

Our quality approach is designed to boost performance

Administrative assistant

Satisfaction, the first thing we owe our customers

A team of experts giving you the benefit of their extensive cold chain expertise. A common motivation: meeting your most demanding needs in terms of thermal performance, cost control, environmental impact and product user-friendliness.

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Then and now


CAPPI, the plastic tote pioneer

When he founded CAPPI in 1996, Jacques de Michieli first innovated in the pharmaceutical distribution sector by replacing cardboard boxes with plastic totes, which facilitated automated order picking. In this way, CAPPI offered more secure the transportation of medicines, less waste and a longer lifetime, demonstrating from the outset the fundamentals it has always stayed true to.


CAPPI, the cold chain expert

In response to customer demand, CAPPI expanded its area of expertise to the cold chain by producing packaging solutions for the transport of heat-sensitive products. CAPPI has always been able to stay ahead of market developments by innovating. 


CAPPI and its new direction

After taking CAPPI international and strengthening its independence, Estelle de Michieli-De Bie and Thomas De Bie, who represent the second generation of CEOs, are leading the company in a new direction. CAPPI is becoming a manufacturing and service company which is committed to the green transition on behalf of its customers. 

Our values


Innovation is in our genes: our teams operate in an environment conducive to the emergence of new ideas. 


To warrant your trust, we make performance central to our business, we give the best of ourselves and we honour our commitments.


We prefer to take a collaborative, co-development approach to each project, with the continuous support of your teams.


We have had the ability to think outside the box from the start, as our business model, manageable size and winning spirit make us unique.


The professional dealings between our employees and our customers rely on respect, honesty and transparency.

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ISO 9001-2015

Performance driven by our quality program

For CAPPI, which is ISO 9001-2015 certified, our quality program is a guarantee of continuous improvement and the driving force of a development strategy that aims to support customers ever more effectively.